No Contract, No Problem: 5 Services You Can Get Without a Long-term Contract

, | Wednesday, March 15th, 2017

Over 27 percent of baby boomers feel they waste money on cable or digital TV, while only 25 percent of Gen Xers feel the same way, according to a survey by Hloom. While different generations prioritize services and splurges differently, they all cite areas like cell phone plans and cable plans as money wasters.

You probably already know companies like Republic Wireless offer no-fee mobile phone contracts. But everything from high-end, premium cable to ongoing legal services can also be done a la carte. That puts more money in your pocket to spend on splurges and necessary expenses.

Not sure where to start? Here are five surprisingly awesome things that no longer require contracts.

Legal Services

Rocket Lawyer gives everyone an opportunity to hire a lawyer or seek out professional legal advice without astronomical fees or ongoing contracts. Get help creating your own legal documents, ask a pool of 50,000 lawyers for legal advice and get incorporated, all in one place. Rocket Lawyer’s team of seasoned lawyers and legal experts can also help your business stay in compliance with a Registered Agent service so you never miss legal notices.

Mobile Hotspot Technology

Take Wi-Fi with you whenever you need it with a mobile hotspot. Combining Wi-Fi with cellular technology can create an on-the-go mobile hotspot so you can access the internet on your laptop and other devices on the go. AT&T offers Mobile Hotspot for connecting on the go with no annual contract with economical monthly plans to get up and running. Renew service when you need it, or let it lapse until you’re ready for your next mobile adventure.

Security Surveillance

Protecting your home and business once required costly plans and ironclad contracts. Now you can set up a security camera system yourself, with a provider like Lorex Technology. Get set up with a system so you can monitor your home remotely from your smartphone or another device. Various packages come with monitors, wireless indoor and outdoor cameras and all the functionality you need to keep your home safe without the required contracts.

Premium Cable TV

Now you can watch your favorite shows on premium cable like Showtime and HBO without costly subscriptions. Users can stream video directly to their entertainment devices for a low monthly cost with no ongoing contracts required.

But premium cable providers aren’t the only place to find low-cost streaming videos. Amazon and Netflix also offer original content and popular movies and shows without an ongoing contract. For example, if you already have an Amazon Prime account, you can either stream TV for free or purchase individual shows and series for a one-time fee.

Leased Cars

Leasing a car can be a good option for drivers who don’t want to deal with costly ongoing maintenance and depreciating car value. However, you can ditch both the lease contract terms and monthly automobile insurance premiums by renting cars only when you need them. ZipCar offers hourly and short-term rentals with a price tag that includes gas and car insurance. And if you don’t want to drive at all, rely on Uber and Lyft to get you where you need to go with nothing to pay but the cost of the ride.

It’s true long-term contracts are often more economical than the short term. But if you’re only using these services sporadically or without combining with other similar services, you’re sure to save big on your monthly bills.

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