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RULE PLASTIC: THE UPside Visa® Prepaid Card

Like a first car, your first card can give you a freedom that will change your life. But most cards have no brakes – before you know it, you can be in debt you can't afford. A big part of Ruling Money is knowing how to spend it.

Start with the Visa prepaid card. It's a reloadable card. That means you can only spend money that you (or your parents, employers etc.) load onto your card, so there is no risk. Or debts. Or late fees. Managing your account is easy. And when you have questions, you can watch videos, share tips, and connect on this site. You won't just have a card in your name, you'll Rule Plastic.

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Sure you do. Ruling Money starts by knowing the secrets of how it works. Check the categories above for some popular ones and watch the video clips for answers.

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