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Welcome to the DoughMain blog.  Here you’ll find practical advice for talking to your kids about money and staying organized and connected as a family.

, , , | Monday, July 18th, 2016

How to Save for Your Child’s College Education

Parents have big dreams for their kids from the moment they are born, but sometimes kids have even bigger ones. The problem with dreams, though, is that they cost a lot of money. With seven in ten seniors burdened with an average student debt of $28,950, it is quite easy to get frightened by the… View Article

, , | Thursday, July 7th, 2016

The Big City Move, Stress Free

A big city can come with a whole slew of stresses. You might find yourself lost, get frustrated with parking and be unfamiliar with traffic patterns of your new home. And this is just the start. The logistics of the move — particularly after a big change like graduation from high school or college —… View Article

, , , | Thursday, June 30th, 2016

The Real Cost of Student Loans

College graduates with student loan debt aren’t only thinking about how much they’ll have to pay back in student loan interest and principal over the next 10, 20 or 25 years. Increasingly, borrowers and policymakers alike are coming to terms with the reality that the real cost of those student loans is much higher. A… View Article

, , | Thursday, June 16th, 2016

Talking to Teens About Smart Financial Management

Teen spending is up, and it’s costing their parents money. The average 12- to 14-year old earns $2,700 a year, while the average 15- to 17-year old earns $4,900, according to MarketingVOX and Rand research. Just over a quarter of this income comes from working and 22 percent comes from parents, a YMCA report shows…. View Article

, | Thursday, June 9th, 2016

4 Tips on Saving Money during Summer

Summer is a time for families to do things together and bond, as kids are out of school with little to do, but is also often a financially stressful time for parents because of the money kids typically spend during summer. However, there are many ways to save money during the summer and beyond. Take… View Article

| Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

Easy Strategies to Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

Preparing now to list your home in the near future is a wise strategy. In most markets, the peak of real estate sales happens April through June. But take advantage of the opportunity to ready your house now, and be prepared, so your home sells quickly and for the most money. Most home improvement strategies… View Article

, , | Thursday, May 26th, 2016

Nomadic Parenting: 5 Tips to Make Your Family’s Transition Easier

The tickets are booked, visas are secured and a framework itinerary is planned. It seems too good to be true, but you and your family are set to head off for a few months of travel in a matter of weeks. While you couldn’t be more excited for the adventures that await, you are a… View Article

, | Friday, May 20th, 2016

Can Working from Home Be Good for Your Budget?

The notion of what we know as “job”, has significantly changed today in response to previous decades. Now, we do not have to go to work, to actually work, and our salaries are more than often based on the amount of completed tasks than on the hours we spend in the office. Remote working (telecommuting)… View Article

| Thursday, May 12th, 2016

Analyze and Evaluate Advertising

Today’s world is driven by the force of consumerism, which is propelled by marketing.  Kids today can’t escape the messages of marketing as the messages invade all aspects of our lives.  From the cereal boxes with claims for “whole grains” and “low sugar” to lunch boxes promoting television characters or movies, everywhere we look we… View Article

, | Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

Smartphone Tools to Help Your Teen Become Financially Responsible

Money management has always been a pretty basic concept to explain to young adults. Parents handed their children a $20 bill to spend at the mall or movie theatre, and these kids could physically see what they had left to spend at their next transaction. Today, in the world of smartphones, online shopping and digital… View Article

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