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There are many ways to learn about money and some of the most important ones can be found here at DoughMain. Our experts constantly post new information so you’ll want to check in often.


Children love to play game, and why not – games are fun.  DoughMain’s games are more than just fun, though.  Our games includes financial education concepts and skills appropriate for each age group to learn and master.  Tens of thousands of kids play DoughMain’s games – see why.
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Community forums are great ways to find out what other people are thinking and doing. At DoughMain we sponsor community forums on topics that concern families the most.
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At DoughMain, we keep a library of blogs on relevant topics and current events that you can access when it’s convenient for you. It’s like having your own press clipping service that sorts through a sea of newspapers and magazines.
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DoughMain Education Foundation

Our Foundation works closely with educators, opinion makers and families to dramatically improve financial literacy and better prepare the next generation for a lifetime of good financial decisions.
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