Budgeting 101 — what better way to teach kids about money?

Budgeting 101 — what better way to teach kids about money?

Have you heard of the three envelope system?  One is for saving, one is for spending and one is for giving.  It’s not rocket science but it does work.  Not everything has to be complicated.  DoughMain developed an electronic version of the three envelope system.  We couldn’t come up with a fancy name so we called it what it does, DoughMain’s Save, Spend, Give Tool.

The Save, Spend, Give Tool helps teach your kids about sound money management.  When kids create goals, they learn that every savings or spending decision has trade-offs.


You’ll know at a glance how much to deposit into their savings account or withdraw from it for everyday spending.



Using the Save, Spend, Give Tool allows parents to keep an accurate account of their kids saving and spending habits.


The Save, Spend, Give Tool encourages kids to be mindful about spending, and teaches them to set goals, budget, and learn.

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Connect Bank Accounts

Open a bank account for your child through DoughMain with one of our partner banks, or connect existing banks accounts.

Visa Prepaid Cards

Money is preloaded onto the card so it can never be overdrawn, and you can monitor your child's spending through DoughMain.

Retail Gift Cards

Gift Cards work the same as money. DoughMain makes gift cards easy for you to buy and easy for your child to track.

Safety and Security

Your family’s safety and security is our highest priority.