How does DoughMain work?

Doughmain’s primary goal is to create future generations of kids that use their money wisely. We help families stay organized and connected while teaching kids about money. The Doughmain experience is fun and engaging throughout our entire kid-friendly platform.

How much does DoughMain cost?

DoughMain is a free service! Click here to get started.

Is DoughMain a bank?

DoughMain is not a bank and does not store your financial information.  By partnering with other financial institutions, we are able to make it easy to access and connect with other banks you  may use. We also work with our technology partners to ensure that all of your information remains safe and secure.

How do I change my password?

  1. Go to the log in screen
  2. Click on the “Forgot Password” option directly beneath the log in box
  3. Enter the email address and name you used to create your DoughMain account and the security code shown
  4. Check your email for a link to reset your password

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Is my information safe?

DoughMain respects your privacy and is committed to keeping all information about you and your family safe. We use 256 bit SSL encryption when importing any data from third party companies.  ALL personal information will not be shared with ANY third parties for their direct marketing or any other purposes.

Is my child safe on the DoughMain site?

DoughMain is not a social network and your child will not be exposed to members outside of your family’s DoughMain account. The parent who created the DoughMain account is in complete control of who their children can communicate with on the site. All COPPA laws are strictly followed to ensure your child’s internet safety while using our site.

How do my kids access DoughMain?

Your kids can sign in the same place that you sign in on DoughMain.  While in the My Account section, you have two options when adding your child to your DoughMain: (1) using your own email or (2) using your child’s email address. Additionally, If you added them to your DoughMain using their own email address, then that email address is their username.  If you added them using your email address, then they can simply use your email address as their username and the unique password that you assigned them.

Can’t find what you're looking for?

Chat with one of our experts or contact us via email at info@doughmain.com.


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Connect Bank Accounts

Open a bank account for your child through DoughMain with one of our partner banks, or connect existing banks accounts.

Visa Prepaid Cards

Money is preloaded onto the card so it can never be overdrawn, and you can monitor your child's spending through DoughMain.

Retail Gift Cards

Gift Cards work the same as money. DoughMain makes gift cards easy for you to buy and easy for your child to track.

Safety and Security

Your family’s safety and security is our highest priority.