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By: CreditDonkey, CreditDonkey

Best Family Innovations You’re Missing Out On

Why DoughMain is Top in Family Technology: This company aims to give parents practical software and other tools to make teaching their children about money easy, fun, and hands-on. They even put the real-world tools kids need to learn, like savings accounts and prepaid spending cards, into their hands so they can learn by doing.

By: Kimberly Dishongh, Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette

Earning their keep: Having kids do chores is a good thing, study finds, but few parents require them

Next time you tell your kids to rake the leaves, do the dishes or clean the bathroom, you can safely add, “It’s for your own good.” Marty Rossmann of the University of Mississippi used data collected over 25 years, starting in 1967, to discern whether asking children to help with household chores starting at age… View Article

Expert Interview with DoughMain and Ken Damato About Financial Responsibility

After a background with Fortune 100 companies and in Private Equity, Ken Damato developed the idea for DoughMain. DoughMain is created by parents for families and holds the goal of teaching financial responsibility. With DoughMain’s kid-friendly platform, Ken offers a great tool for families to use. Ken took some time to chat with us about spending,… View Article

By: Brand Point (BPT), The Daily Journal

Tips for Parents on how, and why, to talk to kids about insurance

When it comes to financial literacy, parents know it’s important to give kids the knowledge and skills they need to manage money. In fact, 81 percent say it’s their responsibility as parents to teach children about money and saving, according to a 2012 survey by the website DoughMain. While you’re teaching children about smart spending,… View Article

By: Susan Borowski, Money Crashers

Allowance for Kids

Should you give an allowance or chores? How much should you pay for chores? How can you manage and teach money management? In this article, you will learn about why its important to allow your child to practice money management and some simple ways to start.

Essential tools you need to raise financially responsible children.    Try DoughMain for Free

Connect Bank Accounts

Open a bank account for your child through DoughMain with one of our partner banks, or connect existing banks accounts.

Visa Prepaid Cards

Money is preloaded onto the card so it can never be overdrawn, and you can monitor your child's spending through DoughMain.

Retail Gift Cards

Gift Cards work the same as money. DoughMain makes gift cards easy for you to buy and easy for your child to track.

Safety and Security

Your family’s safety and security is our highest priority.