3 Ways to Improve your Family Dynamic

Family Organization, Parenting | Monday, July 23rd, 2018

Is your family is so busy? Is it hard not to feel like ships passing in the night? Between work, grocery runs, soccer practice, the gym, voice lessons, violin instruction, swim team and finals, you and your family are overscheduled and exhausted. The nonstop activity can make it tricky to find time to reconnect together. Here are a few ways that you can bolster your family dynamic a bit to help everyone stay in sync and feeling connected.

Make Room for Change

Before you can really improve your family dynamic, you need to make room for change in your life. Create space for improvement by decluttering your home and paring things down to the essentials. By doing this, you can minimize both the physical clutter and the mental clutter that an excess of unnecessary stuff can create. Sell, donate or recycle whatever you can and toss anything else in the trash. Reorganize all that’s left to create a more streamlined space which can help make it easier to stay present, mindful and focused on your family. Remember, the more cluttered your space is, the more cluttered your mind will be.

Strive for Better Communication

Communication is key in any relationship, whether it’s with your significant other or your child. Be intentional about the manner in which you communicate with your loved ones and give them your complete focus when doing so.

If you travel often for work or your kids have full schedules due to a ton of activities, this simple task can be easier said than done. But with all of today’s high-tech tools, clear communication is possible no matter where you are. For instance, you can use a video chat app on your smartphone to talk face-to-face with your teen and spouse while you are away at a business conference. To make the most out of this communication option, make sure that the entire family has reliable smartphones with top-of-the-line cameras, like those on the Samsung Galaxy S8, so that you can enjoy as clear of a picture as possible during your video chats. Be strategic about how you communicate; to convey a clear message and save time, create a family group chat to share scheduling information and anything else that everyone needs to stay in the loop about.

Trust Your Instincts

Getting in tune with your instincts is critical to help guide many decisions as a parent. With so many twists and turns in life, your gut instinct is often the only thing that you can truly rely on. In order to improve your family dynamic, you should tap into your instincts on the deepest level and teach your children how to follow their gut instincts as well. One thing that can make tuning into your intuition a little easier is meditation. The daily practice of quieting your mind can help make it easier for your personal truth to more freely float to the surface.

Expect Positive Changes

Let go of your doubts and embrace the fact that decluttering your home, improving your family’s communication habits and better tuning into your instincts will help improve your family’s overall dynamic. Let yourself by guided by the law of attraction, like attracts like, and surrender to all of the positive outcomes that await you.

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