Home, green home: 10 Awesome Energy (and Money) Saving Tips for 2018

Money Saving Tips | Monday, February 26th, 2018

In this day and age, we cannot stress enough the importance of the efficient energy use. From using energy saving light bulbs to opting for a solar energy use, we see various innovations that will help our home become eco-friendly yet functional. However, saving the energy is just a bonus. Other perks of making your home green is saving your money as well as the environment. Most people assume that energy saving methods are costly. On the contrary, there are many ways to make your home green on a budget.

Here are ten awesome tips you ought to try:

Seal tricky air leaks

Believe it or not, the most common reason for the home’s energy loss is tricky air leaks. Luckily, there is a quick and an economical solution to this problem. Whether you spot the leaks around windows, walls, or doors, you can fix this by simply applying some caulk, weather-strip, and seal as to close the leaks Moreover, check everywhere in your home for old or poorly applied caulk and make sure to replace it. As a result, your heating, as well as cooling expenses will be reduced and you could save up to 20% on your bills.

Get the most out of home appliances

If the appliances in your home are more than twenty years old, think about replacing them with more energy-efficient ones. A water saving dishwasher can cut down extra expenses, while the refrigerator with a freezer on its top requires 25 % less energy than the one with an ice maker. A freezer that’s not in a shade uses more energy than the one away from the sunlight. Change your habits and avoid using an oven. Instead, use the appliances that require less energy like a microwave or a slow-cooker. Allegedly, they spend 75 % less energy.

A heat pump or solar energy

Since 2018 is here, many households are opting for a non-electric heat solution. Nobody’s saying that electricity is not good. By no means, it rocks. We’re just choosing energy-saving options such as heat pumps, instead of electricity or fuels, because they are quite costly. Along with the ground source heat pumps being used for heating, they can also be used for cooling your home. Using an active solar heating system is an easy way to reheat the liquid in the radiators. Not only shall you keep the home warm, but a renewable source of energy is always available to you.

Cost-effective window solutions

Windows are usually the most vulnerable parts of our home. It often happens that they are the source of excessive heat or cold in the house. Act fast so you don’t need to pay skyrocketing bills. For example, adding a double pane-window is an investment worth your while. Moreover, consider applying temporary window storms by yourself. All you need are the adhesive, the film, and a hair dryer with which you shall tighten this film. Another tip that won’t break your budget is hanging white drapes or shades, which will easily protect the home from heat waves.

Opt for green cooling solutions

Sometimes, the proper window upgrades won’t be enough to keep the heat waves from entering your home. Using an air conditioner is convenient, but often costly and unhealthy. The microorganisms thriving in the air conditioner affect people in a bad way e.g. some get sick, others suffer from headaches, etc. For that reason, opt for some eco-friendly ways to cool your home and prevent disease. For example, install a ceiling fan. It can significantly contribute to maintaining the cool temperature in the home. Moreover, an awning and some trendy curtains will save your life during those hot summer days.

Switch to energy-efficient lighting

If you want to use light more economically, installing dimmers or motion detectors could do the trick. However, if you are really looking to cut down electricity bills, as well as energy loss, switch to LED light bulbs. These bulbs are a long-lasting solution that requires less energy than incandescent bulbs. Moreover, they are safe and emit less heat. Replace the lights in your home or even on your Christmas tree, but make sure to consult a reliable lighting distributor before making the purchase. The LED light strings are cooler than regular decorative lights, so fire hazards will be prevented.

Reduce the bathroom’s costs

A dripping faucet may cost you more than you have ever imagined. To be precise, it costs you 165 gallons every month. Reduce your costs by fixing it. If you want to save money annually, upgrade the bathroom by installing a water-saving showerhead. When taking a shower, you shall be using only 7 gallons of water, instead of 20 gallons. Another wise upgrade is to insulate all the hot water pipes in order to prevent them from decaying due to cold weather. Water pipe insulation is a project that you can do on your own, without professional help.

A home energy audit and a smart thermostat

In the end, make sure to regularly perform an energy audit of your home so as to know which aspects to improve. You can have a professional check it or perform the energy audit by yourself. Start by sealing the air leaks, checking the windows’ quality and turning off all the appliances on standby power. Buy a smart thermostat as to cut your yearly heating expenses by 10%. You can purchase it at a relatively reasonable price. It automatically controls your energy consumption, even when you are not in the house, you can control it online.

Your home, green home

As you can see, there are many ways to make your home a green home. Just by following these simple tips, from performing the home energy audit to sealing air leaks, not only will you make your housing affordable, but you shall preserve the family’s well-being. As the citizens of the World, it’s our duty to put these innovations to good use in 2018 and help our environment.

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