Family finance and home selling: How to stage it on a budget

Money Saving Tips | Thursday, November 30th, 2017

When presenting your home to potential buyers, you want it to stand out from the other offers and make a great first impression. If you are aiming to convince the buyers that your home is their dream house, consider staging it. Give them what they want; in return, you could sell your property at a higher price. Sometimes staging can be costly. If by any chance, you cannot afford expensive upgrades, opt for these easy tips. Not only will they help you stage your home on a budget, but you may get a good deal for your property.

The impact of colors

Investing in the interior is a good idea, especially if you can do the job. First of all, paint the rooms in neutral colors. The neutral shades make any room look spacious. In addition to this, your buyers will be able to visualize their future home. However, don’t leave the bathroom in dull colors. Attract the buyers by repainting it in bright colors that will fit nicely with the bathroom tiles or other details. When you are taking photos for an ad, don’t make the room too dark. Let the sunshine in as to illuminate the lovely ambiance.

Size matters

One thing that is always on the buyer’s mind is an efficiently used space. Therefore, stage your home according to this idea, too. For example, a cubicle that you have been using as a closet can be staged as a small office or a reading nook. By taking the clutter away and storing your boxes in storage, you have another room to present to your buyers. Make any room instantly bigger by putting away the outdated furniture. Thus, without spending too much, you shall expose the hidden potential of your home.

Homely ambiance

Convince the buyers that this is their dream home. In other words, give them a homelike ambiance they’re looking for. First, start with the front door. This is the first thing that they will notice. You want this door to make them feel welcomed. Repainting the old front door or purchasing a new one is a good idea. Next in order is the kitchen. Let’s focus on emphasizing it by varnishing all the wooden elements. Match plates and napkins with the color that prevails in the kitchen. Finally, stage the bathroom in a similar way, with matching towels and scented candles.

Inviting patio

Many real estate agents will tell you that investing in a staged exterior of the house definitely pays off. Having an inviting backyard is same as having another room because families are looking for a way to spend more time outside. By adding a deck and garden furniture, you are all set to display your cozy patio. Think about adding an awning as a shade solution. Conveniently, you can browse online for an awning manufacturer, for example Oztech; and easily opt for a solution according to your budget. In addition, illuminate the patio using old jars and candles.

Décor alternations

Another house-selling secret is the home’s décor. The items you possess may not look so good in the pictures. It’s best to remove them or replace them. For example, replace your family photos on the walls with some artworks from an antiquary. Moreover, by hanging a couple of mirrors, the room becomes wider and brighter. Make some space if the room looks crowded. If it looks empty, flowers in a vase will do the trick. Save money and borrow some items, like lanterns, shelves or baskets, from a friend or relatives.

Stage your home for a great first impression

As you can see, you don’t need to hire a professional home stager or spend a lot of money as to make the home more appealing to your potential buyers. With these simple and economical home staging techniques, your home will definitely make a great first impression. Make the home stand out with neutral colors and décor. Don’t forget to make the most of the space in your home or even in your backyard. In the end, attract new buyers by simply offering a homely ambiance of your residence.

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