8 Easy Ways to Keep Your Dorm Room Clean

College Life, Family Fun | Monday, September 25th, 2017

Leaving your home for a college is the event you will remember for the rest of your life. Give your best to remember it as something good since there will be some challenges down the road. The first of those challenges is cleaning and maintaining your dorm room. This can be hard since you will probably have a roommate who may have a different set of values. Don’t overthink this fact, but contemplate on your cleaning strategy once you arrive. The tips below can be very helpful in your efforts to keep the dorm room clean.

Develop a habit

That’s easier to say than to do. To build a sustainable habit, you will need a lot of discipline and dedication. During that period, you should be cleaning a bit every single day. You won’t even notice when this routine become an inevitable part of your daily schedule. Put in some effort since it’s better to clean for 5 minutes every day than to procrastinate and live in chaos. If you let your room get messy, you will need the whole day to clean it up.

Invest in organizing bins

All unneeded books and other items can be perfectly organized by using colorful bins. Use different colored bins for different types of items. That way, you will always know where is your stuff when you need it. Packing and unpacking will last for a minute and after you’re done, you can put all boxes under the bed, and open up a lot of space in no time.

Sunday is a cleaning day

If your weekday schedule doesn’t allow you to clean regularly, or you just don’t feel like it, you should appoint one day of a week for this unpleasant activity. The best day to roll up your sleeves and work around the room is Sunday. Nothing really important is happening that day, so you can use it to wash the dishes, organize laundry and make some space. Don’t forget to add some music into the equation to keep up with the good tempo.

Move the furniture around

If you are bored with your dorm room, feel free to rearrange the furniture after you’re done with decluttering. This simple move can give your space a completely new look so you can feel like you just moved in. Do this every few weeks to keep things interesting. On the other hand, if you find the best solution which opens up a lot of space, go ahead and stick to it.

Bring in some plants

Having green plants and flowers in the living space will help you to relax after a busy day. Most of those herbs don’t need a lot of attention and they will make your room look so pretty. Give your best to bring as many natural objects as you can since those will make your room fresher, brighter, and everything will look much cleaner.

Plan ahead

Making mental notes won’t do much good. If you are just thinking about cleaning, you can easily change that decision once you see your dorm room bed. In order to keep up with your cleaning and other responsibilities, go ahead and make a detailed plan. Put all your upcoming tasks on the calendar and follow it on daily basis. You can use any type of calendar or notepad to get organized. If you are a creative person, you can design your own planner and put it on the wall above the bed. It will look cool and will do a great job in reminding you it’s time for cleaning.

Take care of unwanted guests

You will earn a lot of new friends at college, but some of your visitors shouldn’t be there. Talking about pests. Those little creatures can make your life in a dorm unbearable. Because of that, do everything in your power to get rid of them or prevent their appearance. This can be achieved with regular cleaning. If they show up anyway, feel free to contact a company such as Pest Works Sydney. Dorms are a good environment for pests, so you should make sure to exterminate them as soon as possible.

Clean room means clear head

Imagine this scenario: You just came back from lectures and entered a cluttered room, with unfolded clothes laying on the bed, and you just want to take a nap to clear your mind. In that case, you will need to force yourself to clean or just throw all the stuff on the floor. Try to avoid this by cleaning regularly. If your room is tidy and fresh, there a great chance you will feel the same. Your mind will be free, and you will be motivated to focus on studying.

Final thoughts

As you can see, living in a dorm room doesn’t have to be a nightmare. You just need to get well organized and stay motivated to declutter often. After some time, you will probably have more things that you had once you moved in. Get rid of those by donating them to charity organization near your college or lend them to your friends in need. Keep in mind that organization and discipline are keys to success.

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