Saving Money When Living Off the Grid

Money Saving Tips | Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

There are a variety of ways to save money as a homeowner, it is important to teach our children the ways to run an efficient, eco-friendly household while they are young. Living off the grid, which is defined as a home situated in any unconventional location free from any qualities of suburban life, is an exciting venture for family. Owning a home in a remote location will help you save money on things like groceries, which you can grow in your sprawling backyard, and you also find a great sense of peace and quiet.

For an off-the-grid home, the issue of efficiency becomes a pressing matter, as the use of energy will not be provided by a typical large-scale provider. Luckily, you can both provide and maintain your family’s use of power in several eco-friendly ways. If you plan on using solar panels to power your off-grid home, here are some helpful tips to save extra energy and money:

  • Turn off the lights whenever possible and use LED bulbs
  • When building or updating your off-grid home, maximize the use of sunlight for lighting by placing windows near sidewalls, using efficient shading, and installing low-E glass
  • Save on heating and cooling with proper installation, a toasty fireplace in the colder months, and utilizing nature by keeping windows open in the hotter months

In truth, these tips for off-grid home energy efficiency are applicable to any home, and by employing these techniques, you can not only help your budget but you can make for a cleaner environment.

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