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Family Organization, Money Saving Tips, Parenting | Thursday, August 17th, 2017

We’re quickly approaching end of August…it’s that time of year again! Summer is wrapping up and families are gearing up for the fall when everyone goes back to school. This time can be difficult because children would much rather continue their days at the pool or summer camp than inside a classroom. As for parents, back to school shopping and motivating their children for the first day can become expensive and stressful. We have some advice and money-saving tips to help children and parents with this yearly transition.

School Supplies Savings

  • It’s no secret that school supplies are way over-priced and that children only use 75% of these items daily. Why do parents have to pay top dollar for these items when they can use The Back to School Deals Database? The database allows one to search for exactly what children need and then create a shopping list with the best deals. This useful tool also shows users current back to school deals. Prices from Dollar Tree, Target, Walmart, and Staples are reported. Talk about planning and saving!

  • A few extra tips and tricks consist of shopping alone, taking advantage of price-matching, and finding technology deals online. We’re sure most parents can’t say no to their children when shopping and that can cause buying unnecessary items. Your child will be more surprised when you come home with a bunch of school supplies, whiched should get them excited for school as well. An important tip is the price-match guarantee at Walmart and Target where you can show a cashier any sales advertisement on school supplies and get the price matched. Our last tip includes shopping online for technology because there are certain student deals and discounts on websites like Apple, Microsoft, and Best Buy.

Creating Motivation

  • Getting a child motivated for school is different in each scenario, but these suggestions are universal. A child is more likely to be excited to go back to school if they’re involved in an extracurricular activity or sport. This makes it easy for children to do something they love, make friends, and become excited. Each school offers different clubs and sports but there is bound to be something meant for each child. Whether it’s soccer, an art club, or band: This can help make a child jump out of bed for school in the morning.

  • In our opinion, small rewards for children creates a sense of achievement. We encourage parents to set up a reward system or goal tracker for their child throughout the school year in order to promote positivity and good behavior. If a child completes the goal or recieves a good grade on a test, a reward like an ice cream trip or a new toy creates a positive memory for the child and should want to do well again. Parents can relax by knowing they are recognizing and helping continue successes for their young students.

Setting a Routine

  • A routine doesn’t come easy for most people- it takes practice. As September is approaching, a routine should be prepared about a week before school so a family can adjust. This includes a bed time every night which can take some getting used too, especially if children love to stay up late. This strict bed time can prevent crazy mornings missing the bus or overly tired children/parents. A simple way to make mornings easier is to establish a checklist or calendar with your family that way everything is completed each morning and organized. Organizing a morning routine will promote a habit and lessens the chance of things being forgotten or left out.

DoughMain wishes everyone a happy and healthy start to the school year!

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