Kool Kids-Themed Room Ideas

Family Fun, Family Organization, Parenting | Friday, May 5th, 2017

Your kids deserve the best of everything, including a room that is all their own. If your kids are begging you to redecorate their rooms, you need to come up with a plan to use the latest decorating trends while sticking to a budget.

Involve Your Kids

You want your kids to love their rooms, so you should involve them in the process. Sit down and talk about what theme they want and how they want their room to look. Have a brainstorming session on how to pull off the theme, and go shopping together. Let them make as many decisions as possible.

This is a great time to create a budget and have your kids learn how to stick to it. As they pick out items to put in their new rooms, they can learn how to make good financial decisions and get the most out of their money. Not only will they learn how to be smart about shopping, but they will love picking out everything for their room.

Use Wall Decals

Wall decals are an easy way to decorate your kids’ rooms with just about any theme. You can get a full picture of a favorite sports hero, princesses, trees and flowers or words to start off your design. Get a large one to fill up an accent wall, or go for several smaller ones to spread throughout the room to work as accents to your other decorations. The best part is that decals are easy to stick on your walls and remove them once your kiddos grow out of them.

Get Creative with Washi Tape

If you want to get a little more creative with your decorating, pick up some washi tape in different colors, patterns and designs. Pick out the color scheme of your kids’ rooms and get tape in the same colors to make a striped or polka dot accent wall. You also can use the tape to make patterns or pictures on your kids’ walls, too. Create a castle for a princess-themed room or a baseball diamond for a sports room. You can cut and stick the tape in any design you can imagine.

Take Advantage of Comforters and Pillows

The bed is most likely the biggest piece of furniture in your kids’ rooms, so make you theme pop with a bedspread and pillows. Make a canopy bed in soft greens and whites for a nature-themed room, or get a bedspread with tree and flower patterns on it. Get a bright yellow comforter and blue denim pillows for a Minions-themed room. Or get a red and white polka dot bedspread and matching pillows for a Minnie Mouse theme. This is your chance to make your theme shine, so find the perfect comforter and accent pillows to match.

Don’t Forget About Accent Pieces

Creating a perfect themed room comes down to the details. Hang up pictures and posters on the walls, paint their dressers and nightstands in your color scheme, and add knick-knacks and toys around the room. Get a closet organizer and multi-functional storage to put things away so you have more room to decorate, or make sure your organizational bins and shelves add to your theme. You also can show off your theme through curtains, rugs, toy boxes, blankets, mirrors and just about anything else you put in the room.

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