By: Tamekia Reece, LearnVest, Business Insider

5 Things Kids Don’t Need to Know About Money

What shouldn’t you tell your kids about your finances? In this articles from LearnVest experts, including DoughMain’s Ken Damato, tell us when to stay mum, and when it’s appropriate to share information about our finances with our children.

By: Christine Dunn,

A few more summer ideas for teaching kids about money

Author Christine Dunn of shares tips from DoughMain’s Ken Damato about teaching financial lessons this summer.

By: Jenn Smith,

Tips for parents to teach teens financial responsibility

This article for Phillyburbs provides tips for parents to help teens begin to take on some financial responsibilities going into the summer.

By: Tamekia Reece, Parents Magazine

Learn to Let Go… So Your Child Can Grow

In this article for Parents Magazine, author Tamekia Reece discusses different ways that we can give our kids a financial head start by teaching them money lessons at home. Tips included turning their bedroom or playroom to teach them about spending, setting up a family 401k to match your child’s savings and more.

By: Tamekia Reece, Learnvest - Huffington Post

6 Things My Kid Taught Me About Money

In this article for Learnvest and the Huffington Post, author Tamekia Reece focuses on six money lessons that we can learn from our kids..

By: Dee Lee, Editor, CBS Boston

Kids & Cash: Lessons

In this article for CBS Boston, author Dee Lee discusses the need for better financial education and the need for financial education programs in schools. Kids need to learn about money. They need to know where money comes from, how it gets earned, spent, and saved.

By: Jean Chatzky, AOL - Daily Finance

AOL’s Daily Finance Column

This article by Jean Chatzky for AOL’s Daily Finance Column focuses on the importance of teaching children to save money. It’s not that parents don’t understand that it’s our responsibility to teach our children to save — 81% of survey respondents said as much. We’re just not doing it. This article gives tips on how… View Article

By: Janet Bodnar, Editor, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

Getting Kids to Start Saving Money

To mark America Saves Week, a number of new studies underscore the fact that America doesn’t save enough. This article in Kiplinger draws on findings from DoughMain’s recent survey to discuss ways to teach children about money. DoughMain’s survey found that parents overwhelmingly feel it’s their responsibility to teach their kids about money and savings… View Article

By: Brian O'Connell, Main Street Newsletter

Want Your Kids to Do Their Chores? Use Technology

The Main Street Newsletter discusses the emerging trend of using technology to help children complete chores. According to data from DoughMain, parents are increasingly using online chore charts kids can access from their smartphones and iPads to remind them to do their chores. Reaching out to kids on their digital devices is smart household business… View Article

By: Ken Damato,

Thrifty & Green Magazine

When it comes to the New Year, most of us make resolutions to lose weight, eat healthier or get organized, and while that is all very important, why not make one of your resolutions this year to teach your kids some really important lessons for their future? In this article for Thrifty & Green Magazine,… View Article

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