Credit and Debit, Financial Responsibility | Friday, November 9th, 2018

Do you and your money care about the same things?

As the old adage goes “Actions speak louder than words.” On the topic in question, it is fair to say spending is an action that implies values. Which explains why the nature of finances can be so personal, and challenge us to ask the question, what do we value? Is it: Family? Friends? Health? Happiness?… View Article

Credit and Debit | Saturday, December 30th, 2017

After Equifax: How To Protect Your Family from Identity Theft

If the Equifax breach of 2017 has taught consumers anything, it’s that no company is immune to the dangers of a skilled hacker. Even the best security in the world can’t reduce the risk of identity theft by 100 percent. That’s why you should take an active role in protecting you and your whole family… View Article

Credit and Debit, Financial Responsibility, Money Saving Tips, Planning & Money Management | Thursday, February 16th, 2017

3 Seemingly Illogical Methods for Great Money Management

Many people understand the basics of taking control of their money, including budgeting and using cash whenever possible. But there are even more ways to be a smart money manager — and some of the ideas may seem counterintuitive. If you’ve never considered the following ideas, it might be time to do so. However against… View Article

College Life, Credit and Debit, Family Organization, Financial Responsibility, Planning & Money Management | Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

College Tuition Tips

College tuition is an increasing cost that requires families to make payments they cannot financially support. The generation of parents and their children who are attending college today are in unique situation in that most are experiencing this for the first time together. The percentage of high school students attending college immediately after high school… View Article

Credit and Debit, Financial Responsibility, Planning & Money Management | Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

5 Steps to a New Financial You in 2017

Holiday shoppers have been careful each season to make their lists and check them twice. Budgets have become more discerning and savers have become better planners for their holiday spending, prioritizing savings along the way. According to a September 2016 report, two out of five millennial shoppers got a head start this year and had… View Article

Credit and Debit | Friday, November 18th, 2016

Keeping Your Transactions Safe When You Have to Swipe Your Chip Card

It’s been over a year since the October 1, 2015, deadline for merchants to adopt EMV chip credit card readers, but most stores are still lagging behind. With the 2016 holiday shopping season looming, only 33 percent of U.S. merchants who accept MasterCard have adopted chip card readers, even though MasterCard says 88 percent of… View Article

College Life, Credit and Debit, Financial Responsibility, Money Saving Tips, Parenting | Thursday, August 18th, 2016

5 ways to make college more affordable

The value of a college degree isn’t what it used to be, but its importance certainly hasn’t diminished. In fact, in Sallie Mae’s report, “How America Pays for College,” 90% of families expect their student to earn at least a bachelor’s degree, with 54% expecting a graduate degree. Of course, if you’ve read any recent… View Article

Credit and Debit, Financial Responsibility, Planning & Money Management | Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

How to Explain Auto Financing to Teens

Your teenager is probably chomping at the bit to own a car. While you are okay with the idea of your teen driver having his or her own set of wheels, you will not simply hand your child the keys — you want them to earn it by at least partially paying for the car…. View Article

College Life, Credit and Debit, Financial Responsibility, Planning & Money Management | Thursday, June 30th, 2016

The Real Cost of Student Loans

College graduates with student loan debt aren’t only thinking about how much they’ll have to pay back in student loan interest and principal over the next 10, 20 or 25 years. Increasingly, borrowers and policymakers alike are coming to terms with the reality that the real cost of those student loans is much higher. A… View Article

Credit and Debit, Planning & Money Management | Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

Where is Your Tax Money Going?

So you think you’ve got your taxes handled: you pay what you owe every year, do your best to avoid tax scams, and are a dutiful tax law-abiding citizen. But do you really know where your tax money is being spent? Every year, American citizens’ wages are taxed at an average of 31.5%. With the… View Article

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