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Essential tools you need to raise financially responsible children.

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One of the most difficult things for families to talk about is money. How will my children understand the value of a dollar? How can I teach them to save and spend responsibly? How can they learn the difference between a "want" and a "need"? And how can I do all that in the midst of our busy lives? We’re DoughMain and we're here to help. DoughMain's free family financial management and organization tools help busy parents teach their kids about money and responsibility.

Learn about real money matters

Learn about real money matters

Children and teenagers learn best by doing, but knowing what to do and actually doing it are two different things. DoughMain helps families "make it real" by giving them the financial tools they need (like access to savings accounts & prepaid spending cards) to put theory into practice. Learn More

Keep your family organized and connected

Get connected and organized

Today’s families come in every shape and size and most are busier than ever before. DoughMain provides easy-to-use mobile and online tools that keep families connected and organized. Our chores tracker, allowance manager, family calendar and messaging tools will be the glue that helps you hold it all together. Learn More

Explore a place where families learn, share and play

Explore a place where families learn, share and play

Spend time with us and you’ll discover something for every member of your family. Our Learning Center explains financial concepts in easy to understand terms. Our Community Forum lets you know what other parents are thinking and doing, and for your children, we have fun, financial education games for kids of all ages. Learn More

Essential tools you need to raise financially responsible children.   Let's Get Started

Katherine, 38


Setting up allowances and rewards for my three girls was easy and gave me one less thing to worry about. Now they actually want to help around the house to earn extra money. I also like reading about what other parents are doing and having a place to ask questions.

Emma, 13


I like DoughMain because I don't have to keep asking my mom for money. Okay, sometimes I still do. But it's a lot less. She helped me put some of my allowance on a prepaid card so I can buy things online. That's cool. My friends are a little jealous.